Digitalization of Healthcare Sector as a Tool for Implementation of Competition Policy

Competitiveness of modern states is increasingly dependent on the method and scope of using information-communications technologies (ICTs) in the economy and in the implementation of the states’ care functions. The application of information-communications technologies (ICTs) in health care is of special importance due to observed dynamic changes taking place in social structures.

Implementation of electronic learning in Dragomanov NPU

The effectiveness of using modern software and Internet technologies during the usual learning in higher education was considered in that topic. Basic teaching issues, which arising in the focused five general stages of the learning process, were determined. Solutions for these issues were found using of ICT and software (MS PowerPoint, VBA, Virtual Dub, Microsoft Mouse Mischief, Camtasia Studio, Moodle, Apple Podcasting, Skype, ooVoo, Open meeting etc.). Assessment of its application as compared with traditional methods of learning was implemented.