Legal incentives: theoretical and legal principles

According to generally accepted theoretical ideas about legal incentives and its importance in the right selection are the main features of the implementation of legal incentives. It is emphasized that the purpose and objective need for the use of legal incentives is that the society and the state have a need for socially beneficial and active behavior of the subjects of law in different spheres of life. In addition to the goal, the defining categories in the theory of legal incentives that determine the nature and content of the incentive effect of law on public relations are functions.

Features of Motivation of Customs Authorities

The problem of quality performance by employees of their duties always arises before managers of different enterprises. Sometimes this problem is solved at certain stages in the life cycle of companies, but work of motivating of staff is continuing constantly. Today, a variety of employee motivation techniques are available, based on a number of theories. But the needs of employees are increasing, changing, priorities and emphasis are shifting, so long-term using of similar approaches is ineffective.