information provision

Evaluation efficiency of information provision of innovative projects

Under the effectiveness of information provision of innovative projects should be understood as the optimum correlation between the result of using system of information provision and the spending for it’s purchase, installation, workpiece, exploitation as well as the correspondence of functional characteristics to the defined purpose and objectives. Today there is no single unified approach to evaluation the effectiveness of the implementation of information provision, as there is no industry standard information provision.

Evaluation of Economic Efficiency and Ddirections of Improvement of Information Provision of Innovative Pprojects

The process of information provision of innovative projects is complex, since it requires the application of certain skills of a methodological and technical nature. The design and implementation of innovative projects begins with the collection and processing of information about the external environment and internal processes. Using at this information systems raises the effectiveness of their implementation.

However, him permanent improvements will result in the successful implementation of innovative projects.