In the paper investigated safety of socio-economic processes in the virtual space. Studied the main trends influence on formation of preventive and adaptive mechanisms for ensuring information and cyber security enterprises. Key trends of the modern business and social environment include: globalization, informatization and individualization of consumer needs; mediatization, territorialization and universalization of social phenomena.

Структура інформаційно-аналітичної системи обліку підготовки наукових кадрів університету

In the paper the information-analytical system of accounting automation research training at the National University “Lviv Polytechnic” is considered. The architecture of the system, its major functions, the storage data model and system implementation technology are presented.

Reform of risk-oriented system of customs and tax control in the part of informatization and automation

The article addresses the issues of reforming the risk-oriented system of customs and tax control in the part of informatization and automation. It is analyzed the legal regulation of informatization and automation of fiscal bodies. Some measures are proposed to increase the  efficiency of application of the system of analysis and risk management in the implementation of customs and tax control in the context of creating a unified risk management system in the bodies of the state fiscal service of Ukraine.

Modern Management Solutions for Logistics, Finance and Human Resources in Defense and Security Services

The aim of the paper is to present the research analysis and author’s practical experiences in implementing modern IT solutions. These solutions concern, in particular building and implementing the Integrated Multilevel IT Systems for Logistics, Finance and HR operating in the defense and security services. The detailed research was also on possibility of implementing systems for product coding, electronic shopping and distance learning.

The principle of informatization of education in a globalized society

The problems of informatization of education are analised in the article. The role of education in the global information society is determinated. The main manifestations of informatization of education are determinated, among them there are: new means acquiring knowledge, innovation and technical resources information; strengthening intra-state and international communications education and research sector; formation of new educational content and new forms of education, such as distance education and virtual universities.