Propagator-Oriented Programming Model Using Java

The aim of this work is to explore and analyze an unconventional style of programming based on a pro- pagator-oriented model of computation. The paradigm of propagation is characterized by networks of local, independent, stateless machines interconnected with stateful storage cells. This model allows for a highly modular design and multidirectional computation, enabling the creation of complex systems that can respond to changes and update their state accordingly.

Client-Server Library Index Automation System

The goal of the work is to develop a client-server software system for library index automation, which consists of the user interface, presented as a web page, back-end server layer, and database. The problem of developing a library index automation system has been considered. The developed structure of the library index automation system has been presented. The structure of the library index automation system database has been proposed. The features of designing the user interface of the library index automation system have been considered.

Approaches to Implementing Video Data Management Service with the Context-Aware Recommendation

The work aims to develop video data management service with a context-aware recommendation. It consists of the user interface which is presented as a website with the mobile application and the server. This paper describes the approaches to implementing video data management service. The decomposition of the task of video data management service development, the use case diagram, the generalized class diagram, the technologies and the services used in the development process have been considered. The developed structure of the video data management service has been presented.

Design and Implementation of an Information System for Self-Control of Bronchial Asthma by Patients

The aim of this article is to develop information system for people with bronchial asthma. The main function of the information system described in the article is enabling self- control of bronchial asthma by patients. By controlling asthma correctly, patients can reduce the symptoms of asthma. The most important task solved before the information system design was a selection of the asthma parameters which can be monitored and implemented in it. The information system consists of two main elements: a database and an application.

Data classification of spectrum analysis using neural network

This article provides the comparison of libraries neural networks. Based on this analysis was determined to develop a neural network for classification of spectra based on Encog library, because it implemented many components and gives the best result with a small number of items for training. Showed the architecture of neural networks for data classification of spectral analysis.