Lithogenetic aspects of oil and gas systems formation in the Volyno-Podolia Silurian deposits

Objective. To elucidate the dynamics of catagenetic processes that occurred in the Silurian sediments against the background of an oil and gas systems formation. Method. The method includes lithology-facies, mineralogical-petrographic, catagenetic, and litho-fluido-dynamic analyses. Results.

Theoretical and practical aspects of the fluidodynamic conception of catagenesis

In the paper the main principles of the fluidodynamic conception of catagenesis is described. The conception grounds the cyclic nature of catagenesis according to stages of tectonic regime, the features of which influence on secondary rocks alteration mediated by fluidodynamic features. The important role of the lithogenetic processes preservation during the passive substage of exfiltration catagenesis is argued.