kinetic regularities

About the correlation to activity of catalyst of Mо2B and selectivity of formation of epoxide in reaction of epoxidation oct-1-ene with tert-butyl hydroperoxide

This work is dedicated to the study of change of composition of surface of catalyst of Мо2В in the reaction of epoxidation of oct-1-ene tert-butyl hydroperoxide under the action of reactionary environment. And as with this process the constrained selectivity of formation of epoxide.

Presented results of x-ray phase analysis of initial and exhaust in a reaction epoxidation of standards of boride of molybdenum - Мо2В. The obtained data testify that both a weekend and exhaust catalyst contains one and that diffraction lances that answer one crystalline phase of Мо2В.


The activation of Mo2B catalyst in the epoxidation of oct-1-ene with tert-butyl
hydroperoxide was researched. Dependences of the initial rate of hydroperoxide consumption
on the initial concentration of octene-1, tert-butyl hydroperoxide and the amount of catalyst in
the reaction mixture in the presence of an unactivated form of the Mo2B catalyst were studied.
The activation process can be described by the Avraami-Erofeev topokinetic equation and
includes two successive steps, viz., the nucleation and formation of a new active phase. The

Дослідження кінетичних закономірностей димеризації 2,3-диметилбута-1,3-дієну

Kinetic regularities of 2,3-dimethyl-buta-1,3-diene dimerization as a second-order reaction taking place in two parallel directions have been researched. Experimental kinetic data were obtained by gas chromatography. The activation parameters obtained for 2,3 dimethyl-buta-1,3-diene dimerization indicate that the reaction takes place in the kinetic region. Досліджено кінетичні закономірності димеризації 2,3-диметилбута-1,3-дієну як реакції другого порядку, яка відбувається за двома паралельними напрямками. Експериментальні кінетичні дані були отримані методом газохроматографічного аналізу.