A model for the selection of security system alarms

It was found that search engines provide a wide selection of detectors with technical characteristics. A significant range of characteristics ensures the use of detectors for solving problems in security systems. A search and sorting mode for security system alarms has been developed. It is based on the necessary and sufficient characteristics of detectors, which ensure their selection depending on the tasks set for security systems. Criteria for their selection are formed on the basis of user requirements and technical characteristics of detectors.


In modern conditions of society development, increasing degree and pace of integration of information technology achievements in the field of human life, traditional approaches to building information systems become too cumbersome or cease to be effective. One of the ways to solve this problem is to develop knowledge-based systems. The work is devoted to ontological modeling of a new subject area "travel organization". The ontology is considered in the context of knowledge exchange. The created travel ontology is quite modern and relevant today.

Development of PI-controller optimal tuning method

Aim. The research aims to develop a method of optimal PI-controller tuning, which allows to take into account the constraints and to minimize the undesirable indicators of the automatic control quality. Method. In order to carry out the investigation, the problem of optimal PI-controller tuning was stated in a general form. The analysis of the elements of the problem has been conducted. It allowed substituting the elements to the requirements of individual minimization criteria.

Modeling of pricing on machinery products

The article features revealed pricing for machine building products. The general approach to modeling the process of pricing for machine building products within the parameters of the demand for goods produced using this product. The building model performance optimization criterion prices and volumes of sales machine building company. Established the possibility of using performance optimization criterion prices for machine building  products to address the task of selecting the best varieties of products.