Modeling a signal generated by microparticles moving in the aerodynamic flow

The article presents a model of a signal generated by microparticles moving in an aerodynamic flow.  This model is based on the Lorentz–Mie scattering theory.  It is shown that the visibility and the signal/noise ratio of the Doppler signal are determined by the degree of amplitude and polarization matching of the scattered waves.  These parameters also depend on the degree of phase matching of "elementary" Doppler signals.  Using this signal model, it is possible to calculate the shape of the aperture of the receiving optics for a specific type of laser Doppler anemometer.  The use of such

Застосування оптичних лазерних систем та перспективи їх подальшого розвитку

This article provides a detailed analysis of the laser systems in various fields. The system for laser communication is analyzed. The method of bisignal data transfer in the optical channel is justified. A block diagram of the processor forming optical signals is suggested. The operating mock bisignal optical transmitter installation is introduced by the authors in the article.