linear periodically time-variable circuits

On the adequacy of the frequency-symbolic method for linear parametric circuits analysis

A frequency-symbolic method (FS-method) of the analysis of steady-state mode of linear parametric circuits is intended for forming their transfer functions in the frequency domain. Transfer functions are approximated by Fourier polynomials and contain a complex variable, time variable and parameters of circuit elements in the form of symbols. The coefficients of such Fourier polynomials by the FS-method are unknown in the symbolic systems of linear algebraic equations (SSLAE), and are defined as their solutions in symbolic form.

About the decrease bulkiness of mathematical model of linear periodically time-variable circuit

In this paper are investigated the influence of variables the differential equation describing the linear periodically time-variable circuits in the time domain on decrease of bulkiness such equation. Rules of forming a system of linear differential equations of circuit that provide its acceptable bulkiness are proposed. Communication of voltages and currents on elements of an electric circuit looks like algebraic, differential and integral equations.

Investigation of Stability of Parametric Amplifiers in an Environment MAOPCs

The paper considers the question of the research of assessment of the stability of linear periodically time-variable circuits by the frequency symbolic method. The function system MAOPCs, which is based on the frequency symbolic method, is an effective tool of investigation of linear periodically time-variable circuits and in particular parametric amplifiers.