LTE technology

Research of the frequency planning methods for cell networks based on lte and gsm technologies

Modern researches in field of mobile network depend on network infrastructure in a specific region. Nowadays, the actual issue is reforming of the existing frequency range for LTE deployment. The most common band is 900/1800 MHz, which in usual licensed for the GSM networks. It known that LTE net-work core can be easily integrated with the existing GSM infrastructure. The convergent base stations had been already known which can operate with GSM/LTE/WCDMA simultaneously.

Researches of Efficiency of Subcannels of Wireless Networks Based on LTE / LTE-Advanced Technologies in Case of Use of Different Kinds of Signal Modulation

It carried out the theoretical researches of bit error probability and efficiency of subchannels of wireless networks based on LTE / LTE-Advanced technologies in case of use of quadrature phase manipulation (QPSK), М-ary quadrature amplitude modulation (M-QAM) and offer М-ary amplitude modulation of many components (M-AMMC). The theoretical researches of bit error probability executed in case of use of offer correlation.