mathematical model

Nonlinear mathematical model of the five-container vibration system

The construction of a non-linear mathematical model of movement and interaction of  the commanding and executive components of vibration systems is an important task. It implements vibration technologies of separation, grinding, mixing, compaction, transportation, surface  product  processing  and  technology for regulating the vibration effect on systems and mechanisms for their further research to increase the efficiency of vibrating machines, devices, and mechanisms and relevant technological processes.

Mathematical model of dynamics of vibrating systems working environments

 Using the apparatus of the special periodic Ateb-functions in combination with the asymptotic methods of nonlinear mechanics, the nonlinear mathematical models of motion of working environment of the oscillation system, which dependences take into account resilient and viscid making tensions from descriptions of the deformation state of environment, her physical and mechanical properties and features of co-operation of environment with the oscillation system, are worked out.