Методи і засоби проектування мікропотокових МЕМС типу LAB-ЧІП

In the article a hydrodynamic flow model for microfluidic MEMS is presented. Methods and tools for design automation of microfluidic flows were applied. The possibilities of modern CAX tools for the simulation and optimization of fluid flow in microchannels were analyzed.

Розроблення чотирирівневої моделі онтології автоматизації синтезу МЕМС

In the paper the four-layer ontology model for automated design of microelectromechanical systems is proposed and the peculiarities of every level are described.

Parallelization computations during simulation of mechanical components of mems-based diakoptical approach

The article reviews the main factors that determines the relevance of the development of special resolution of mechanical systems equations. We propose to use the diacoptical approach to design mechanical components of MEMS.

Optimization of Microelectric Actuator Design Using Golden Section Search to Get the Defined Output Characteristics

The article presents an example of the usage of golden section search to select the comb length of MEMS el electro-actuator to get the desired displacement at a given voltage heating. The proposed solutions are implemented as software code in the ANSYS system.

Reflection the Morphology Impact On the Characteristics of Electronic Devices

The article suggests methods for improving the quality of analysis of electronic devices. Using the electromagnetic field theory and the theory of electrical circuits within the system allowed to combine research and schematic structural and technological design of electronic systems and their components. To illustrate the proposed approach chosen amplifier circuit. The model reproduces the design features of the PCB in the form of electromagnetic design parameters.