microstrip line

Analysis of a distributed slot discontinuity in the ground plane of a microstrip line

This paper presentsa a method of analysis of distributed slot discontinuity in a microstrip line ground plane based on transverse resonance technique. The scattering characteristics of symmetrical and nonsymmetrical slot resonators of a complex shape have been calculated by Galerkin’s procedure and taking into account the harmonics of current density in the microstrip line and waveguide modes in the slot aperture.

Microstrip filter with slot resonators in ground plane

The development of contemporary SHF systems calls for a broad nomenclature of frequency-selective devices, band-pass filters in particular. One of the possible directions of filter design is the usage of electromagnetic-bandgap (EBG) structures, which can be implemented in the form of certain slots in a microstrip line’s ground plane. It was previously proposed to use these structures as parts of output matching networks of high-efficiency SHF amplifiers built according to harmonic-manipulation approach.