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User-perceived Response Metrics in Android Os for Software Aging Detection

Mobile systems and devices including Android are vulnerable to the effects of software aging which are manifested in performance degradation during long run-time. It is important to identify efficient system and user interface metrics for detecting and counteracting the software aging effects. The aging metrics used in researches of the Android operating system do not take into account the aging processes in user applications.

The Algorithm of Cyber-physical System Targeting on a Movable Object Using the Smart Sensor Unit

It is known that smart sensor units are one of the main components of the cyber-physical system. One of the tasks, which have been entrusted to such units, are targeting and tracking of movable objects. The algorithm of targeting on such objects using observation equipment has been considered. This algorithm is able to continuously monitor observation results, predict the direction with the highest probability of movement and form a set of commands to maximize the approximation of a moving object to the center of an information frame.