WILDERNESS AS CHALLENGE FOR MORAL AND VALUABLE REPRESENTATIONS OF A HUMAN BEING.Review of: Duclos, J. S. (2022). Wilderness, Morality, and Value. Lanham: Lexington Books. pp.141

A reviewed monograph considers the problem of wilderness. According to the author, wilderness should be considered as wilderness. Wilderness as wilderness overcomes the anthropocentric and non-anthropocentric limitations of all attempts to theoretically justify the need to protect wilderness, including environmental philosophy, bioethics, religious concepts of the environment, etc. Therefore, the author of the monograph offers a “nobody’s and nowhere” view of wilderness, and only it can reveal the true value of wilderness as such.

NAVIGATING THE FUTURE WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Review of: Kissinger H., Schmidt E., Huttenlocher D. The Age of AI. Berlin: Financial Times, 2022. pp. 266

Authors of the reviewed book analyse the history of technology development and draws attention to how artificial intelligence can change our habits and the way of life. They examine the opportunities and risks associated with the use of artificial intelligence in fields such as medicine, education and military technology. One of the key issues addresses in the book is the interaction between humans and artificial intelligence.

Ways of humanization of modern judiciary oratoria

In  the  period  of  systemic  reforms  taking  place  in  modern  Ukrainian  society  as  a  whole, 
and in the judicial system, in particular, factors that provide a fairer and more humane nature 
of  the  trial,  should  be  counted  historical  experience  gained  by  other  states  in  the  legal  field. 
Also,  the  inclusion  in  the  theoretical  understanding  of  the  notion  of  the  culture  of  the  court 
speaker  of  reasoning  about  the  significance  of  Christian  ethics  in  the  process  of  humanization