Principles of mediation as an alternative method to ensure human and citizen’s rights

The article is devoted to the analysis of principles of mediation as an alternative method to ensure human and citizen’s rights, enshrined in the Law of Ukraine “On mediation”, their relationships and interdependence. The research methodology includes a complex analysis and consolidation of the available scientific and theoretical materials, as well as shaping the corresponding conclusions. In the process of the research conducting, the authors used methods of scientific cognition: terminological, logical and semantic, functional, system and structural, logical and normative.

Neutrality of Switzerland in the Light of the Contemporary Security Challenges: Realistic, Neo-Liberal, and Constructive Approaches. (Research Article)

      In the article, the author analyzes how the understanding of the concept of neutrality of European states and its implementation in their foreign policy strategies changes at the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st centuries, along with the change in the international system of relations.  The interesting case of a truly neutral country is Switzerland, whose foreign policy behavior is a challenge to the negative expectations of observers regarding the pessimistic prospects of neutrality as an option for the implementation of the foreign policy course.

Non-alignment strategy: politics and theory (Research Article)

The complex study of the state non-alignment strategy is done. The theoretical and methodological basis of non-alignment strategy is analyzed, the problem of definition this phenomenon is investigated, the main aspects of neutrality strategy tendencies are clarified. The historical aspects of non-alignment policies are developed.