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Learning to See. Nietzsche, Trump, and the New Digital Media (Transl. by Vitaly Mudrakov)

       Ukrainian translation by Vitaly Mudrakov from: Stefan, P. (2018). Sehen lernen. Nietzsche, Tramp und die neusten Medien. In Kotzur, M. (Hrsg). Wenn Argumente scheitern. Aufklärung in Zeiten des Populismus, 33-52. Münster: Mentis.

Youtube as a New Form of Media Communication

The Internet is a multi-faceted mass medium that creates a lot of various new forms of communication. The World Wide Web gives vast opportunities to any user who is at least a little capable of searching and using the information. This inevitably leads to the fact that nowadays, in order to be a thought leader and have prestige among the audience, which was previously owned by the authors, and thereafter by the journalists, it is sufficient to be able to use a smart phone or a computer as well as have a desire to produce the information product.

Formation of the new type of a human and transformation of religiosity in the information society

The article analyses religion of a modern person, considering the role of the Internet and virtual reality in the information society. Modern society is an open information society in which the main role in economic,  political and cultural development is information. There can be distinguished the following features of Information Society: fast growing of electronic information resources, free dissemination of information and free access to it.