nonprofit organizations

Problem definition “nonprofit organization” in the terminology based on different standards areas of law

In the article the problem of the definition of “nonprofit” in terminological basis of tax,
economic and civil law. Grounded features of non-profit (non-profit) organizations. The
characteristic of various organizations in Ukraine and abroad. Presented their views and list in
different spheres of public life. Ante-profit organizations in the system of civil society.
Reproduced nonprofit, autonomous nature of the organizations that protect the interests of
different groups

Specialities of using marketing mix by professional organizations

А lot of foreign and Ukrainian scholars analyze role of nonprofit organizations in modern civil society. However, there is lack of literature about nonprofit organizations marketing in such developing countries as Ukraine. Marketing strategies and appropriate tools, that are the most commonly used in business sphere, in most cases, need to be adapted for using by nonprofits. We suggest NGO classification based on their spheres of influence. In particular, we suggest classifying them into such groups: professional, universal, charity and volunteer organizations.