object detection

Analysis of Algorithms for Searching Objects in Images Using Convolutional Neural Network

The problem of finding objects in images using modern computer vision algorithms has been considered. The description of the main types of algorithms and methods for finding objects based on the use of convolutional neural networks has been given. A comparative analysis and modeling of neural network algorithms to solve the problem of finding objects in images has been conducted. The results of testing neural network models with different architectures on data sets VOC2012 and COCO have been presented.

Methods of Vehicle Recognition and Detecting Traffic Rules Violations on Motion Picture Based on OpenCV Framework

In this era, people using vehicles is getting increased day by day. As pedestrians leading a dog for a walk, or hurrying to their workplace in the morning, we’ve all experienced unsafe, fast-moving vehicles operated by inattentive drivers that nearly mow us down. Many of us live in apartment complexes or housing neighborhoods where ignorant drivers disregard safety and zoom by, going way too fast. To plan, monitor and also control these vehicles is becoming a big challenge.

On Methods of Object Detection in Video Streams

Detecting objects in a video stream is a typical problem in modern computer vision systems that are used in multiple areas. Object detection can be done on both static images and on frames of a video stream. Essentially, object detection means finding color and intensity non-uniformities which can be treated as physical objects. Beside that, the operations of finding coordinates, size and other characteristics of these non-uniformities that can be used to solve other computer vision related problems like object identification can be executed.