operational conditions

Derivation of analytical dependencies for determining stiffness parameters of vibration isolators of vibratory machine

Problem statement. While designing vibration isolators, the essential attention should be paid to the safety factors such as the levels of vibration and noise, as well as to the material and the structure of isolators. In major vibratory technological equipment, there are used full-metal vibration isolators, which can be designed in the form of coil (cylindrical, conical, helico-spiral) or flat (leaf-type, disc-type) springs.

Classical approach to determining the natural frequency of continual subsystem of three-mass inter-resonant vibratory machine

Problem statement. The three-mass vibratory system can be defined by five basic parameters: inertial parameters of the masses and stiffness parameters of two spring sets. Unlike the classical discrete system, the discrete-and-continual one consists of two rigid bodies connected by one spring set that form the discrete subsystem, and of the reactive mass considered as deformable (elastic) body characterized by certain stiffness and inertial parameters, which are related with one another.

Operational Conditions of Vehicles Motion and Formation of Urban Driving Cycle in the City of Lviv

To the greatest extent, the indicators of the motor vehicles being in the normative technical state are influenced by the operational conditions, which, in turn, are characterized by road, relief (terrain) and transport conditions.