oscillating system

Substantiation of Parameters and Analysis of Operational Characteristics of Oscillating Systems of Vibratory Finishing Machines

The calculation diagrams of oscillating systems and operation features of vibratory finishing machines are considered. The mathematical models of three-mass and four-mass oscillating systems are presented. The amplitude values of the oscillating masses displacements are derived. The functions of inertial and stiffness parameters optimization are formed. The optimization problems are solved with a help of MathCAD software.

Nonlinear oscillations of elastic beam including dissipation and the galerlkin method in their investigation

The paper is devoted to the research of the oscillating system that is described by the first mixed problem for the weakly nonlinear equation of the  beam vibrations in a bounded domain. The conditions of the existence of the local, according to a time variable, solution have been obtained. Oscillating blowup regime is especially highlighted.  The possibility of the Galerkin method application to the problem is shown.