parallel processing

Технологія нейрокомп’ютингу реального часу

Проаналізовано особливості апаратної реалізації штучних нейронних мереж, вибрано принципи побудови, визначено шляхи підвищення ефективності використання обладнання, розроблено методи синтезу та базові структури нейрокомп’ютерних систем реального часу.

Features of hardware representation of artificial neural networks were analyzed, principles of construction were chosen, ways of efficiency increase of equipment use were determined, methods of synthesis and base structures of the neural computing, , real-time systems were developed.

Application of diakoptics approach to analysis of electromagnetic field by means of finite-difference method

The paper discusses versatile constraint equations used for providing compatibility between the solutions obtained for separate sub-domains of electromagnetic field which are analyzed simultaneously. The mathematical model of the task has been developed using invariant approximation technique for finite-difference method. Different techniques for domain decomposition are considered. The discussed constraint equations and domain decomposition techniques have been applied to solving a test problem, and namely the problem of magnetic skin-effect.