particle swarm optimization

PSOBER: PSO based entity resolution

Entity Resolution  is the task of mapping the records within a database to their corresponding entities.  The entity resolution problem presents a lot of challenges because of the absence of complete information in records, variant distribution of records for different entities and sometimes overlaps between records of different entities.  In this paper, we have proposed an unsupervised method to solve this problem.  The previously mentioned problem is set as a partitioning problem.  Thereafter, an optimization algorithm-based technique is proposed to solve the entity resolution problem.  T

Analysis and Optimization of the Sizes of the Iteration Space Tiles During the Parallelization of Program Loop Operators

The analysis of the dependency of influence of the tile sizes of iteration space has been represented. It involves program loop operators’ modification during parallelization for multithreading architectures of the computation systems. The particle swarm optimization method has been considered as a method of the minimization program execution time for tiling speed up.