Theoretical and legal study of the prinsiple of access to the healht care

The aim of the article is to analyze the theoretical aspects of the implementation of the principle of accessibility in the field of health care. One of the most important in the life of man and society is the field of health care. The principle of access to health care has been shown to be crucial to ensuring a patient's legal status, and is set out in many international instruments. International law defines the basic standards of accessibility to health care, which provide financial, territorial, professional and information accessibility.

Types of the patient’s responsibilities

The article deals with the problem of theoretical and legal separation of the patient's responsibilities. On the basis of the analysis of the legislation of Ukraine and foreign countries, the list of responsibilities of the patient is set out in the list of positive realization practice.The following groups of patient’s responsibilities are classified by the level of legal consolidation.

Electronic system of monitoring the patients with cardiovascular pathology

The construction of a clinical monitoring system applied to diagnose the patients’ state in a rehabilitation period is considered. It is pointed out that in a crisis period, patients with cardiovascular pathology are connected to a life-support system, and if the patients’ state takes a turn for the worse, the system lets the medical personnel know immediately.