персональні дані

Analysis of personal data protection methods according to ukrainian legislation and the GDPR

The problem of modern technologies rapid development is shown and characterized, which makes the issues of Internet users personal data protection very urgent. The current state of personal data protection in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is analyzed. It is also determined which data belong to personal data and why they are subject to protection.

Сertain aspects of the child's rights in the information environment

The article deals with complex administrative and legal means that provide protection and protection of the child as a full-fledged subject of the information environment. The theoretical and practical significance of administrative and legal regimes in regulating the activity of the information environment is analyzed.

Personal data as a substitute of protection of the right to the independence of private life

In the article, using the methodology of structural analysis, the theoretical and applied aspects of personal data as a subject of protection of the right to privacy are considered. Based on studies in the field of administrative and information law, various approaches expressed in the  Convention  for  the  Protection  of  Human  Rights  and  Fundamental  Freedoms  and  the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights regarding the correlation between concepts of personal data and privacy are considered.