physical and mechanical parameters

Resources for Structural Optimization of Gas-hydrodynamic Measuring Transducers

The paper presents the analysis of the resources of structural and parametric optimization of gas-hydrodynamic measuring transducers of physical and mechanical parameters of fluids. Resources such as the number of throttles and their arrangement in the diagram, type of throttle elements, measuring channels with a certain type of output signal, the supply mode of the measuring transducer can be integrated into the design process of the measuring transducer of a specific parameter.

Mathematical Models of Throttle Elements of Gas-hydrodynamic Measuring Transducers

This is a review article and it presents the flowrate characteristics of throttle elements used for measuring diagrams of transducers of fluids parameters. The review includes a wide range of research on the characteristics of incompressible and compressible fluids, Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluids at the conditions of laminar, transient and turbulent flow through the channels of different cross-sections. The article considers equations for macroscopic flows. The theoretical equations for calculating the pressure drop for fluid flow in microchannels are presented.