полікарбоксилатний суперпластифікатор

Peculiarities of Nanomodified Portland Systems Structure Formation

Regulation of hydration processes on nanostructure scale due to the competition adsorption modifying of hydration products by polycarboxylate and adding of nanosized C-S-H nuclei allows promoting homogeneous distribution of solid phase in the structure of cement paste on the micro- and nanolevel, provides the growth of contact amount between hydrates, results rapid structure formation and strength synthesis of Portland cement system.

Performance of Low Carbon Modified Composite Gypsum Binders with Increased Resistance

This paper presents the investigations of the environmental advantages of low carbon composite gypsum binders for building applications. The impact of ultrafine zeolite additive on the physico-mechanical properties and hydration processes of composite gypsum binders has been investigated. The modification of gypsum pastes by polycarboxylate type superplasticizer results in the radical change in the formed microstructure of composite gypsum binders. The obtained results are essential for further design and development of new types of gypsum composites with an increased water resistance.