полівінілпіролідон; наночастинки срібла; стабілізатор; фунгібактери- цидні властивості; срібловмісні композити

Research of the regularities of obtaining silver nanoparticles with applying of polyvinylpyrolidone and their effect on composite’s fungibactericidal properties

The influence of technological factors on the regularities of obtaining silver nanoparticles using polyvinylpyrrolidone as reducing agent has been researched and its influence in compositions content on antimicrobial properties of last ones have been defined. The impact of temperature and polyvinylpyrrolidone content as well as Ag+ concentration on the kinetics of the reduction reaction of silver ions was determined. Silver-containing composites in the form of porous blocks and films were synthesized and their bactericidal and fungicidal properties were studied.