Factors and Tendencies of Strenghthening the Post-Truth Manifestions in Contemporary Political Practice. (Research Article)

The author analyses factors and tendencies that determine and testify the post-truth manifestations in the contemporary political process, and emphasizes that there were only some manifestations of post-truth in politics in the past. The main subjects of the spread of post-truth, as well as the problems caused by this phenomenon, have been identified. There are factors of strengthening the post-truth at the present stage: social and technological, political, economic and scientific.

The Role of Education in Overcoming the Negative Information Impacts Under the Post-True Era (Review Article)

The peculiarities of the post-truth interpretation, its key political manifestations and its impact on modern global society have been analyzed. It is asserted about the importance of education in combating the negative effects of post-truth political practice.

Fake news I post-truth: dwa nowe zjawiska w dziennikarstwie czy tylko dwa nowe terminy?

2016 was the year of two significant political campaigns, accompanying the referendum on membership of the United Kingdom in the European Union and presidential election in the USA. A popular image of these both campaigns consists of many cases of twisting the truth by the winning parties. It was confirmed by announcing the terms ’fake news’ and ’post-truth’ as Words of the Year 2016. Both words were and are widely used by politicians, journalists and voters. This article is an attempt to prove if these both new words actually mean new phenomena in journalism.