Proceedings in administrative offenses related to corruption: key moments

This article addresses the key points and issues related to the conduct of administrative corruption cases. After all, the responsibility for and counteraction to corruption and corruption-related offenses continues to be one of the elements of the anti-corruption system. At the same time, an important component of this mechanism are the rules that establish responsibility for committing not only acts of corruption, but also different from acts of corruption, which are the background phenomena that cause corruption, and therefore counteract both legal and law enforcement levels.

The judiciary system as the environment for the formation of judicial professional competences

It has been found out that the purpose of professionalization of a judge is legal goals,
which envisage state, social, axiological, psychological, organizational aspects, which are at the
same time characteristic both of judicial activity and of the specific features of each component
of the professionalization system. Revealing the legal goals, we must proceed from the
following prerequisites: the national legal system, the state of the judicial system of the state