public council

Public control as an effective mechanism for prevention of corruption in public procurement

Problem setting. One of the main prerequisites for the detection of corruption offenses and the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures is active citizens who are interested in overcoming this phenomenon. An active, influential and developed civil society is an important element of any democratic state. Such civil society plays a key role in implementation of urgent social changes, development and realization of effective public policies in various spheres, solving political, socio-economic and humanitarian problems.

Representative democracy as a form of implementation national sovereignty

The article looks at the nature of representative democracy as a form of realization of
popular sovereignty. The relationship of popular sovereignty and representative democracy is
analyzed. The necessity of using an expanded approach to the circle of people’s representatives
is substantiated. The normative, political and social requirements concerning the procedure
for the election of representatives of the people and the procedure for exercising their powers
in the context of the implementation of the people’s sovereignty are investigated.