pulse signal


In the article, we consider the model of pulse signal distortion in the computer sound card channel. The use of such a model allows expanding the possibilities of using computers in the researches of the wood properties in the form of various dielectric characteristics analysis, in particular using the computer sound card channel. This makes it possible to verify the state of the signal propagation channel during the experiment. This experiment researches samples of wood for the presence of defects. Also is proposed an approach to constructing the distortion model.

Dynamics of pulse signal forming from distal zones of radial arteries

In last time new methods and hardware-software system, which combine eastern medicine traditions and western technologies are commonly used in diagnostic practice. Pulse diagnostics is one of the ancient methods for disease state identification. For diagnostic purposes different kind of arteries zones can be observed, but most popular is pulse diagnostics of wrist joints radial arteries. It is based on recording of signal from three zones, lied closely along the radial arteries of left and right hands. For the purpose of pulse diagnostics special kinds of sensing devices are used.