pulverized coal system

Enhancement of Technical and Economic Indicators of Power-Generating Units of Thermal Power Plants by Eliminating Flue Gas Recirculation

Boiler units at Ukrainian thermal power plants need to be modernized or replaced in the short run, as this is important for the national energy security. The authors determined one of possible ways to improve the efficiency indicators of coal-fired boiler units and power generating units as a whole up to the values exceeding the design ones. This variant of improvement consists in abandoning the technology of using flue gas as drying agent in pulverized coal systems and replacing it with direct discharge of the gas flow into the boiler furnace.

Methods for Defining the Binary Coal Mixture Composition in the Pulverized Coal-Fired Boiler

The paper deals with the methods for defining the composition of the coal mixture burnt in boilers at combined heat and power plants. Indirect methods for defining the proportions of the two grades of coal in the mixture based on the available information on the quality characteristics of the coal are proposed. According to the first method the coal mixture composition is determined based on the values of volatile substances content in the combustible mass of the coal mixture and of each grade of coal making up the mixture.