recommendation system

Recommendation System for Purchasing Goods Based on the Decision Tree Algorithm

Over the past few years, interest in applications related to recommendation systems has increased significantly. Many modern services create recommendation systems that, based on user profile information and his behavior. This services determine which objects or products may be interesting to users. Recommendation systems are a modern tool for understanding customer needs. The main methods of constructing recommendation systems are the content-based filtering method and the collaborative filtering method.

Recommendation Dialog System for Selecting the Computer Hardware Configuration

The development of modern technologies is extremely fast. Every day more and more new and various means appear in the world to improve the quality of life and more. It is not possible for a person to process all this new information on the scale and speed with which this information appears. Everyone has their own preferences and wants to receive and obtain information about certain events or things that they are interested in. This has become one of the most important reasons for creating referral systems.

Geoinformation Technologies for Various Groups of Tourists Travel Support

In this paper an analysis of researches and development in information technologies for planning trips and in-travel support for various groups of tourists was provided. It allowed forming the classification of GIS and applications based on these different problems and needs of different groups of tourists. The necessitate for development of geographic information technology tools was proved to provide personalization, optimization and support for tourist in all phases of his travel using mobile technologies of combined with GIS functionality.