Development of personality in the social communities: total individually

The article highlights traced and scientific development of the individual in the social communities to determine the total individual. Found out the problem of identity as individuals in the context of the category comparison "individuality" and "personality." Proved that the development of the individual, the disclosure of her identity - the development of general public, individually and through him increase wealth and diversity of the spiritual world, the development initiative and creativity.

Legal views of s.dnistryans’kyi on major economic categories in the context of austrian law

In the article the general theoretical aspects Stanislav Dnistrians’kyi views on basic economic concepts in their relationship with the law. The opinions scholar capital, credit, the product.Displaying their interpretation of Austrian law.The influence of past and current S. Dnistrians’ky ilegal and economic ideas in his vision of the basic economic phenomena and processes.

Вибір технологічних чинників управління якістю поверхонь під час фрикційного зміцнення

Diagram Isakavy used to investigate causal relationships between processing parametersand quality of the surface layer during frictional hardening of machine parts.