reliability indexes

Estimation the reliability of hardware/software systems by using models of their behavior

Hardware/software systems provide flexible implementation of microprocessors, microcontrollers and various peripheral devices and supply the ability to perform almost any functional algorithm that can be simply modified or replaced. For reliability estimation of hardware/software systems we must take into account not only the loss of efficiency, which was caused by the hardware failures, but the abnormal functioning, that was caused by software failures. All these features of hardware/software systems must be considered in their models for reliability indexes estimation.

Імовірнісні аспекти впровадження нелінійної деформаційної методики розрахунку сталезалізобетонних конструкцій у вітчизняні будівельні норми

The article is devoted to outlining range of outstanding issues during the implementation of deformation designing methods (deformation model) of composite steel and concrete structures in modern national building codes from the point of view of requirements and supports of structures reliability levels.