Accounting and Analytical Support for Formation of Enterprise Economic Security Costs and Their Controlling Process

The article reveals the interdependence of enterprise property preservation and quality of information for ensuring management and controlling processes efficiency. The dependence of economic security on qualitatively-formed accounting and analytical support for such purposes is substantiated. It is analyzed the enterprise’s activities in terms of economic security formation by rational costs, in particular the influence of spent financial resources on employees’ physical and moral security, formation of intellectual property, etc.

Control Over the Implementation of the Innovative Development Program and Evaluation of Its Efficiency

The peculiarities of control over the implementation of the innovative development program are analyzed. The use of means of indicative control based on the evaluation of the analysis results of both individual indicators and their groups (time, resource and result) in the process of current control over the emergence of deviations and their prompt correction during the implementation of the innovative development program is scientifically substantiated. General principles of the financial efficiency evaluation of the implemented innovative programs are researched.