scalar product

Реалізація нейронного елемента на основі попередніх обчислень

Розроблено вертикально-паралельні алгоритми та базову структуру пристрою для обчислення скалярного добутку на основі попередніх обчислень, оцінено затрати обладнання на його реалізацію, запропоновано структуру пристрою для обчислення передатної функції.

Vertical-parallel algorithms and basic structure of the device to calculate the scalar product on the basis of previous calculations have been developed, valuations of hardware expenditure for its implementation has been carried out, structure of the device to calculate the transfer function has been proposed.

Development of Mobile Facilities of Neuro-like Cryptographic Encryption and Decryption of Data in Real Time

The requirements are formed, the method is chosen and the main stages of development of mobile means of neuro-like cryptographic encryption and real-time data decryption are considered. It is shown that the development of mobile means of neuro-like cryptographic encryption and decryption of real-time data with high efficiency of equipment is reduced to minimize hardware costs while providing a variety of requirements, characteristics and limitations. The tabular-algorithmic method of calculating the scalar product has been improved.

Analysis of measurement systems mathematical models by using the comparison of functions

We propose an approach to mathematical modeling for a system on the basis of comparing scalar products in spaces of real functions integrable on the segment.  This approach may be used in discrete and continuous measurement systems and some combinatorial systems, in which comparison problem of function exists in the process of synthesis and optimal choice of their parameters.  In theory, such problems are characteristic of boundary value problems for equations of mathematical physics, in particular for multi-point problems that describe oscillatory processes in mechanisms.  We have found th