seismic prospecting

Wave field simulation on the gas-condensate field structure

The results of seismic wave field modeling on the cross-section model of the crust (for Drobyshivske gas-condensate field example) were presented. Complicated cut of the crust, resulting geophysical study, represented as a reservoir model. When modeling, seismic wave field features of two-dimensional cross section were taken into account: longitudinal, transverse and exchange waves received on seismograms of longitudinal and transverse vibrations as a result of default distribution of velocities of longitudinal, transverse waves and the density in half-space medium.

Energy-research method for determining geophysical parameters of geological medium utilizing seismic prospecting data

Energy-researched analysis of the wave field (ERA-WF) on the example of 3D seismic data Drobyshivska area is investigated. Results of the study are compared with the results of analysis of the wave field, made by the frequency Fourier method, Prony, Gilbert, wavelet functions, and the results of the parametric interpretation of geophysical parameters derived using a software system Petrel.

The seismic sections modeling accounting the stressed state of the medium

The paper presents the techniques for processing of seismic prospecting data – for inversion of time seismic sections to depth ones. This makes it possible to extrapolate defined by wells’ geophysical investigations one-dimensional models of medium’s physical properties into the borehole environment. Correcting of the model taking into account the thermodynamic state of the medium and calculation of various physical properties of medium within the classical and non-classical theories of deformation as well as calculation of synthetic seismograms is provided.