seismic velocity

Construction of a velocity model of shear wave for complexly structured geological medium using neural network (by example of data of the South Caspian basin

Object. Development of a method for predicting a two-three dimensional velocity model of a medium by using a shear wave. Complexly structured geological medium is studied on the basis of geophysical and geological data using an artificial neural network. Method.  It provides the construction and use of medium models according to geophysical well logging data and other terrestrial geophysical methods. In contrast to existing methods, the proposed method also uses additional data on the medium.

Seismic-gravitational effect of oil and gas reservoir in rocks of the crystalline basement on the base of mathematical modeling

Mathematical modeling of effective elastic and acoustic properties of granite reservoir rocks that has different pore space structure was done. The acoustic properties of granite porous-cracks reservoir were determined. The algorithm and software for solving the problem of joint inversion of seismic and gravimetric data based on Born’s approximation for the space-time Green's function with meansquare background velocity for the horizontally-layered medium has been developed and tested (on an example of the Prykerch shelf model).