sightseeing tours

Mobile information technologies in the problems of a suitable tourist at the time of excursion

The peculiarities of development of software on the platform of mobile operating systems, for informative support of tourists are analyzed. The proposed recommendation system is based on the use of the functionality of GPS-modules of the smartphone in order to take into account the current location of the user, as well as the actual distances to the target objects of the route. This, in turn, is an informational and technological basis for the implementation of the functions of optimizing excursion routes.

Intelligent system for sightseeing tours content analysis

An intelligent system for sightseeing tour was developed. Using the results of sightseeing tours analysis the knowledge base was created for advisory program tool for tour route selection and real-time tracking. An analysis of recent researches in data mining of tourist spatial movement was made. Program tools for data collection, processing and analysis of movement and tourist expenditures during the sightseeing tour were developed.