simulation modeling


This study delves into the comprehensive examination of an overhead crane's construction, focusing on its frame, columns, and beams, while considering factors such as strength, stability, and stiffness. Through an in-depth review in the design domain, it is proposed a specific structural configuration for the overhead crane. This design comprises six vertical columns supporting two longitudinal beams equipped with tracks for the trolley's longitudinal movement. Additionally, cross beams featuring winches are mounted on the trolley's cross beams.

Minimization of public transport delays at arterial streets with coordinated motion

Research results, using which the method of minimization of public transport delay is improved at intersections with the system of coordinated motion control, are given in this paper. Such transport research was carried out with simultaneous application of field measurements of the study of traffic flow indicators and computer simulation in PTV VISSIM to check the level of efficiency of coordinated control and the reliability of the results.

Investigation of the Carbide-tipped Tool Wear Hardened by Method of Aerodynamic Impact

Theoretical calculations and experimental studies of the influence of wear on the cutting process and the precision parameters of machining by hard alloys during milling are described in the article. The method of aerodynamic hardening is designed to increase the durability of tools, which are heterogeneous compositions of tungsten carbides, titanium and tantalum with cobalt ligature operating under severe process conditions with varying impact loads.

Інформаційне моделювання роботи канцелярії в органах державної влади

The article considers the features of the work in the office of the Lviv Regional Council and the need to use methods of simulation modeling for making decisions to improve the efficiency of the departments activity office and its employees.