Formation of rhetorical and communicative competences of a court speaker

The dynamic changes of today are manifested in the redistribution of the roles of the subject and the object of communication in the context of the growth of their professional knowledge. Therefore, in the context of modern information culture, the educational paradigm of information transformation is also significantly altered. The outward expression of a lawyer’s professional culture is evident in his rhetorical and communicative culture. It also reflects the entire socio-cultural experience that combines the components of the specialized and the ordinary.


In our time, television has become an integral part of everyday life. That is why the speech that sounds from the screen can be called the model of everyday speech communication. In the lexicon the separation between different categories of words is destroing. The structure of the text has changed considerably, narrators does not limit itself to certain frames. In their speech, TV channel employees use vernacular, jargon, and, in general, vocabulary inherent in certain social groups that were once considered inadmissible to use on the air.

The word, which is ensuited to national spirit (to 150 years of the birth of m. Gryshevskiy)

One of the genial features of patriarch of Ukrainian national aspiration and his role as creator of history-ownership of selfless talent to communicate and to manage the history of nation by the word is considered in this article. Spaces in scientific reseaches of his patrimony need to be overcome for a new features of portrait of M. Gryshevskiy in the context of objective assessments him as the master of awakening of Ukrainian society by dialog with them.