Speed change management

Justification of Efficiency of Elliptical Gear Train in Device for Speed Changes Management

The article analyses the functioning of epicyclical gear train with closed circuit hydrosystem, where the driving element is the sun gear and driven one is the carrier or vice versa. Control element is the ring gear, which rotates or can be stopped by the closed circuit hydrosystem.
We have conducted a theoretical research of efficiency in such epicyclical gear train. Using the means of computer modelling, we have obtained graphical dependences of the transmission efficiency from its parameters.

Fundamentals of creation of new devices for speed change management

The article deals with problem of speed change management in engineering, i.e., hoisting, building, road and land reclamation machines, cars and tractors, machine tools and other equipment. The review of the methods and devices for stepped, steppless and combined speed change process management have been performed. Their major disadvantages have been identified.