The Management of Venture Structures in Conditions of Uncertainty

The study examines the problem of managing venture structures in conditions of uncertainty, where modern companies face unprecedented change and risk. The relevance of the research is due to global transformations, geopolitical conflicts, technological innovations and unexpected market changes. The article discusses strategies for managing venture structures in conditions of uncertainty, including adaptation to changes, portfolio diversification, and involvement of experts.

Venture businnes in Ukraine in wartime conditions

The article examines the trends in the development of venture business in Ukraine and examines its current state in the conditions of martial law. The main sources of funding for start-up projects were studied, the success stories of leading domestic start-ups were identified and analyzed, and the problems of the formation and formation of domestic start-up businesses were revealed. The authors analyzed the prospects for the development of the startup industry in Ukraine and the possibilities of its restoration to pre-war indicators.

Companies - Unicorns as a Product of Successful Startup Ecosystems

The article studied the essence and history of the term "unicorn startups", identified features of the formation and development of unicorn companies, outlined the main differences between unicorn startups and traditional innovative companies. The author analyzed the geographical and sectoral features of unicorn startups, identified economic activities, and locations of the most active occurrence of unicorn digs on a global scale.