Mathematical modelling and experimental determination of parameters of the guidance system of weaponry complex

The methodological approaches to the improvement of the control system of the vertical guidance mechanism of FM-21 multiple launch missile system to increasing its speed and positioning accuracy are confirmed. The use of the three-circuit positional structure of the control system of the guidance mechanism with a position control loop and a fuzzy corrector is justified. A mathematical model of the guiding package motion has been obtained and its reaction has been calculated.


The adsorption method of after-treatment of wastewater from the production of vegetable oils was investigated. The reasons of choice the activated carbon as adsorbent was justified. The statics and the kinetics of the adsorption process by activated carbon the organic component from the wastewater of oil production after extraction cleaning was investigated. The experimental data based on the theory of Freundlich and Langmuir were processed and the main constants of the process were defined.

Theoretical foundations for the development of experimental equipment for determining the load capacity of speed change devices

The article gives the theoretical base for construction of equipment for experimental research of static, kinematic and dynamic characteristics of devices for speed change by epicyclic gear trains with closed circuit hydrosystems through the ring gear during the transmission by them of the periodic, shock long-term or short-term loads or their executive mechanism stoppage due to overload.