The concept of eternal recurrence in the philosophy of Fridrich Nietzsche (Review Article)

The article explores the eternal return, one of the fundamental and at the same time least clarified concepts of Nietzsche's philosophy. For this reason, in the future, the idea of ​​eternal return has caused a great variety and sometimes questionable interpretations. And how much in these interpretations Nietzsche himself remains difficult to say. It is emphasized that the idea of ​​eternal return explicates cosmological, anthropological, ontological, axiological, existential and metaphysical aspects.

Death or revival of religion. Discovering the new horizons for the interpretations of Nietzsche's thesis "god is dead"

In the article the author discusses the idea of God’s death from the point of view of philosophical anthropology. Examining in detail the history of the formation of this concept the author notes that its intellectual cradle is the culture of the Renaissance and the philosophy of Modern Time, the quintessence of which is the statement of Feuerbach that the mystery of theology lies in anthropology. In other words, Feuerbach proclaims God the projection of human subjectivity.