surface-active substances

Corrosion protection of oil production and refinery equipment

The review of methods of industrial equipment corrosion prevention is presented. Application of technological means using chemical reagents and surface-active substances is considered, namely dehydration and desalting of hydrocarbon products of deposits by surface-active substances – so called demulsifiers. Corrosion inhibitors and neutralizing agents for protection of condensation-refrigeration equipment and overheads of atmospheric columns are examined. The amount of reagents to be used and the process conditions were determined.

Novel Functional Derivatives of Methyl-cis-9,10-Epoxy-Octadecanoate

The synthesis of functional derivatives of epoxystearic acid methyl ester by oxirane ring opening and transesterification of ester group has been described. Some novel surface-active and peroxide-containing compounds have been obtained. Major features of the process have been investigated and main characteristics have been determined.