synchronous motor with permanent magnets

Power-efficient Direct Torque Control in a Two-zone Pmsm Drive for Electric Vehicle

This work presents the electric control system for electric vehicle drive based on the strategy of direct torque control of a synchronous machine with permanent magnets. In order to provide energy efficiency in the first zone of angular speed regulation, the reference of the armature flux is formed depending on the current value of the electromagnetic torque of the machine.

Brushless Dc Electric Drive Based on Inductive-capacitive Converter

The paper developed the electric drive system “controlled parametric current source — BLDC”. Current source, created on the base of inductive-capacitive converter, is powered by the industrial grid and is controlled by a single IGBT transistor. Switching the armature windings of synchronous motor with permanent magnets provides a current-source thyristor inverter, which is controlled by signals of three-point rotor position sensors.